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when there aren't enough
hours in the day


need someone to... ?

run errands
feed your pets
house sit
perform secretarial duties
organize files and photos
help with de-clutter
arrange your office space

home staging
transport to medical appts
serve as companion
coordinate a tag sale
shop for gifts, party supplies, etc.
specialty gifts

design personal announcements
converse / translate spanish
monitor homework
wait for the delivery / repair person

private chef


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...call me

I do all sorts
of "Stuff n Such"

Serving Kissimmee, St. Cloud, Orlando and all surrounding areas in Florida

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Sandi (914) 610-8830



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Singing Sandi's Praises

"My husband and I won't leave our kids with anyone other than Sandi when we have to go out of town" 

Gabriella T. 

"I never expected my garage sale to go as smoothly as it did.  Sandi was marvelous" 

Louise S. 

"I loved that Sandi is able to speak to my 4 month old infant in my native tongue, Spanish, while I am at work"

Clara L. 


"Our son asks for Sandi as soon as he wakes up and rushes us off to work so that he can play with Sandi before their drive to his nursery" 

Amy K. 

"It's so nice to have Sandi do my grocery shopping and other errands so that I can stay at home with my 3 toddlers" 

Rosemary C.

"When I was closing down my business, it was Sandi who helped me decide what to keep and what to discard.  She just has the knack". 

Marge L. 

"Sandi must have been a wonderful elementary school teacher.  Her caring patience has helped my son excel in reading" 

Bridgette C.

"When my mom decided to put her photos in order, we called Sandi.  Finally our family history was put in order! And Sandi and mom developed a strong and valuable friendship that continues to this day". 

Jan B. 

"Would you like personalized invitations to your events?  Sandi is a wonderfully creative poet." 

Carol P. 

"I couldn't miss work so Sandi sat in my home with my cat Nicholas, waiting for the deliver of my storm door and made sure that it was appropriately installed.  She now cat sits for me when I'm out of town.  She's a gem". 

Aileen B.

"Sandi comes up with all kinds of fun things for my daughter to do.  On a rainy day, Sandi called me at work to ask permission to take my 4 year old daughter to the Children's Museum in Norwalk.  My daughter still asks when Sandi will be taking her again". 

Lori P.

"Sandi just can't help herself - while my 9 month old naps, Sandi will do my laundry, fill and turn on the dishwasher, and straighten out my home.  Not only is my child lovingly cared for but my home is a joy to return to" 

Monica A.


"There is just too much for me to do and housekeeping dropped to the bottom of the list. I can absolutely count on Sandi to make my home clean and tidy -- what a relief!"

Shirlee B.

References upon request